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Uncaged Review – The Formidable Earl by Sophie Barnes

The Formidable Earl
Sophie Barnes
Historical Romance

He’s breaking the rules for one woman, and coming dangerously close to falling in love…

Simon Nugent, Earl of Fielding, knows he’s flawed. He’s arrogant, possessive, and haunted by a terrible choice he made long ago. So when a former friend’s daughter gives him the chance to do a good deed, he grabs it. Except he’d like to grab her as well and teach her a thing or two about kissing. If only she weren’t so damn stubborn.

Ida Strong wants one thing – justice on behalf of her father. She has no room for anything else, in spite of her growing and (at times) inexplicable attraction toward a certain earl. But for a woman who knows what betrayal tastes like, placing her trust in others is hard. Risking her heart, would be downright foolish. Until it’s the only thing that seems to make sense.

Uncaged Review: Simon’s life has predictable
and boring after the war. A man who saved his life
in the war, was unjustly hung for treason, and his
daughter Ida, ran away and disappeared to live
with an aunt. When Simon stumbles onto Ida, he
feels he needs to right a wrong, and sees Ida as a
chance to do just that. But it won’t be easy, Ida
is hell bent on getting justice for her father and
doesn’t trust easily.

Simon will learn to be less rigid in society and
wanting their approval, to not caring what others
think, only the woman he falls in love with. This
is a very engrossing book that kept me hooked and
turning the pages and it was over before I realized.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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