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Uncaged Review – The Duke is Wicked by Tracy Sumner

The Duke is Wicked
Tracy Sumner
Historical Fantasy

He’s harboring a fiery secret….

The Duke of Ashcroft is determined to keep the League of Lords under wraps. After all, the group’s supernatural gifts brought the mystical misfits together and nobody is going to tear them apart. Intelligent and wily, Sebastian knows better than to trust anyone–especially an impulsive and intrusive American woman.

She’s looking for answers…

Competitive and confident, Delaney Temple is hellbent on uncovering the truth about the League. She’ll stop at nothing to unearth the secrets they’re burying. But when Sebastian is in trouble and Delaney comes to his rescue, their contempt turns to a burning desire. Suddenly, with their passion ignited, they can no longer deny their attraction.

A wicked duke. A troublesome beauty. And the forbidden desire they can’t deny.

Uncaged Review: This is a really different and fun
read. I like when authors take a genre and put a twist
on it so it actually ends up in another totally different
category. In this series, there is a touch of supernatural
involved with the League of Lords. This book is
centered on Sebastian and Delaney. Although I didn’t
have a huge issue with reading this book without
reading the first two in the series, I think I would have
had a better story and a better understanding by reading
the first two before this one.

Sebastien is a Firestarter, and keeping his, and his
fellow mates in the League secret is a must. Along
comes an American woman Delaney, who is determined
to find out the truth. Sparks fly, literally between
her and Sebastien, and soon they won’t be able
to deny their attraction.

This is a well written romp, and a book with the message
that you can be loved and accepted for who you
are. And getting these two together, is a good read.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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