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Uncaged Review – The Dragon King’s Mate by Harlow Blaze

The Dragon King’s Mate
Harlow Blaze
Fantasy Romance

Who’s more dangerous, her stalker or her king?


Dancing in a rowdy nightclub isn’t most girls’ career plan, but Ava makes it work. Bump, grind, flirt—easy as pie.

Her life shatters when she’s marked. A human that can have dragon shifter babies is a prize worth killing for, and her stalker is ready to be a dad.

When her apartment burns down, Ava learns a fun fact. Stalkers don’t like being rejected. And hers will stop at nothing to claim her as his own.

One man can help her.

Baz—King of the Seattle dragon shifters and definitely not a gangster. Despite the warnings to stay away from him, his protection is her only hope.

But Ava has a problem. Powerful and sexy as hell, Baz sets her soul on fire.



Baz doesn’t have time to help humans. His sister has a target on her back, and family always comes first.

Everything changes when a dancer crashes into his lap, desperate for his protection.

Ava’s sweet scent and feisty temper drives his inner beast wild. The need to mate is irresistible, but his pretty, new roommate is already running from one dragon. Seducing her for himself is, at best, morally gray.

But Baz has always been a bad boy, and rules don’t apply to the king.

At first, having her in his penthouse is delicious torture. But the longer Ava is around, the more Baz starts to soften.

And when you’re king, being soft isn’t an option.

Uncaged Review: It’s been awhile since I’ve read
a really good dragon shifter book. And this is a
good one. After reading the prequel novella, I immediately
started on book one in this series, and it
caught me from the beginning and held on all the
way through. The dragons are well described, and
it was the first time I read about dragon eyries.

Ava is a dragon marked human, and things get
pretty bad for her pretty fast. As an exotic dancer
in a club owned by a witch, Ava is making her
own way in the world after defying her family’s
money and expectations. But Ava has a stalker,
and the one person that can protect her is Baz, the
King of the Seattle dragon shifters. Ava can’t help
but be drawn to him, her dragon part of her soul
wants Baz as hers and Ava has a hard time controlling
it. Baz, on the other hand, can’t resist Ava
either, and vows to protect her, not knowing why.

Good action, steamy sex, and a good suspense
awaits within the pages, and if you like the shifter
world, this is a good one to add to your list.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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