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Uncaged Review: Taming My Christmas Rogue by Tammy Andresen

Taming My Christmas Rogue
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

A roguish lord and an innocent lady…

Lord Andrew Maddox is a rogue of the first order…he’s the last man Dani should want. Yet her eyes are drawn to Drew every time he enters the same room as her, which is often since her family and his are spending Christmastide together. Dani just has to avoid him for a week and then she can go back to her orderly life and her almost husband hunt. Being shy does make it difficult to search. Except for her rakish rogue has other ideas.

Miss Danielle Frazier is far too virtuous for his tastes… so why can’t he stop thinking about her? He must take drastic measures. His plan? Steal one kiss. He likes a woman with a certain amount of knowledge and Dani clearly has none. One botched kiss and he’ll be over this ridiculous infatuation. Except for from the moment their lips touch, nothing goes the way it’s supposed to and kisses under the mistletoe rarely end romantic fantasy. Now Drew has a new problem entirely… for the first time in his life, he might be falling in love.

Uncaged Review: Another delightful read by this author. Drew has been a first class rake, much to the dismay of his family. But one woman has set his heart into motion, and that’s Danielle – and leave it to his family to set up a Christmastide celebration, inviting the family along with Danielle- who is a cousin to one of his brother’s wife and along with two other eligible suitors, enough to drive Drew crazy.

A bit of danger and a hero with a huge heart, some laughter and a heartwarming tale of love during the holidays. A great novella to give you a great feeling for the holidays. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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