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Uncaged Review – Tales of Mist and Magic by Marya Miller

Tales of Mist and Magic
Marya Miller
Fantasy Shorts

They say there are no more dragons — but Granny Maberly knows better. At ninety-four turns old, Granny’s seen more than her share of strange beings in her travels as matriarch to a headstrong Wagonwalker clan. And she’s lived long enough to know that not all monsters have horns (or tusks).

Immortal Tarn who fall woefully short of legend; cannibal Moraggim haunting the Splintered Mountains; Sulg war bands; forbidden forests; magisters who won’t listen; healers who hide their gifts and even a Tower that eats souls — you’ll meet them all in these twelve short tales from the Island of Dragonish.

Uncaged Review: This is a book of flash fiction stories which are really short and are set in the fantasy world. The Isle of Dragonish on the world of ydon. We meet a wild bunch of different characters for example a wizard, and two types of dragon and Granny Maberly.

These are some of my favorite stories from the book. An old dragon awakens to rescue the villagers from some baby dragons that are eating everyone and everything in sight. The dragon and Granny are in the middle of a talk when the dragon lets out wind it’s very funny. As Granny Maberly is up walking around as she has a sore stomach possibly gas herself. Of course when she tells her family this they think she had a dream and imagined it. Another great story is a newspaper reporter Anno who wrote an article on a deadly general. Leaking his real name to people which is Morris which is not very scary. So the general and his men decide to teach Anno a lesson by dressing him up as a women with a frilly dress and has him walking around town. As he’s the type of creature that’s very vain he loves the attention. But learns the lesson to keep the article’s nice.

Mayra Miller is heavily influenced by the author Terry Pratchett in her style of writing in this book. This was a pleasant read and fun to encounter some of the creatures of the island of Dragonish, where they all stay. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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