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Uncaged Review – Taken by Graeme by Jennifer Siddoway

Taken by Graeme
Jennifer Siddoway
Historical Medieval Romance

Love is the last thing Elspeth MacDougall expects to find when a fierce pirate captain sweeps her from her home straight to the high seas, demanding she ply her skills as ship surgeon to work off her father’s gambling debt. She’s determined to survive the three month arrangement, but dangers abound and there’s more to this vagabond group of raiders than it seems. As sea battles and intrigues mount, she finds a place among the crew. But can her healing skills save her own heart when her bond with the captain intensifies and passion flares, harder to fight than the crashing waves.

Captain Graeme MacNeil never intended to bring a woman on board his ship–they always cause trouble. Yet Elspeth serves a need he can’t deny. If only she didn’t possess an inner blaze that sparks a fire in him as well. His attraction to the bonnie surgeon only grows stronger when they return to his homeland in the Barra, but lurking in the shadows is an old rival, waiting for the chance to strike.

As they learn to trust each other, hearts are won, but one question still remains: what will happen once her father’s debt is paid? Will Elspeth return to her family, or choose a life with Graeme on the open sea?

Uncaged Review: The last book I read from this author was her Earthwalker’s Trilogy, a dark fantasy – paranormal series, so I already knew the author’s writing style, or I thought I did. This is a complete departure from that genre, a medieval historical romance with pirates. And the author does not disappoint in this genre, and I almost like it better than the dark fantasy series.
When Elspeth’s father gambles away money he doesn’t have, and the pirates come to collect, Elspeth offers herself as a substitute, to go with the pirates and work as a surgeon to pay off her father’s debts, so her younger brothers will be safe. Taking care of her father for the years after her mother has died, has given Elspeth a skill of healing, and the pirate captain, Graeme, takes her up on the offer. As Elspeth truly works her magic and becomes a part of the crew, she knows she has found her calling. But falling for the captain was not in her plans…
A good story, with danger, suspense and enough high seas action to satisfy my pirate loving heart, this is a romance that proves to me that this author has truly found her lane. I look forward to reading more of this series and more. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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