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Uncaged Review – Spellbound Captive by Tamara Hughes

Spellbound Captive
Tamara Hughes
Paranormal Romance

She’s enchanted by a beast. He’s enchanted by her.

Freed from possession, Kade Rennick is obsessed with ridding the world of dragon spirits—especially the one that infected him with its spawn. But first he must get past the beautiful yet confused witch who is protecting the beast.

Enthralled by the monster that has control of her childhood friend, Faith Edwards doesn’t always understand why she makes the choices she does, but one thing is for certain. She will stop at nothing to save her friend and free herself from the nightmare she’s been living in for the last twelve years.

Despite Kade’s insistence that her mission is a lost cause, their attraction for each other intensifies. When Faith crafts a powerful spell that will open a portal to the dragon spirit realm, Kade must stop her, no matter what it takes. Humanity hangs in the balance.

Uncaged Review: This is the follow up to Bewitching the Beast, the first in the series, and although the characters from book one are here in a supporting cast, this book holds up well as a standalone. This book reminded me a lot of the Goa’uld from the Stargate world and their symbiotic hold over its host. Here it’s a dragon spirit that possesses people and needs to syphon energy from others to stay alive. Faith’s friend, Vance, has been possessed for years, and she believes she can save him, being a witch. But when she runs into Kade, she begins to learn the truth.

Some good suspense, and if you are in the mood for a book that is not your everyday paranormal, this is a good book to give a chance to. It was a tad slow for me to get started, but after about the 25% mark, it really took off and became an excellent page turner.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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