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Uncaged Review: Song of Wishrock Harbor by Krista Walsh

Song of Wishrock Harbor
Krista Walsh

Gabriel Mulligan is a hard-nosed P.I. with a smirk on his face and ice in his veins.

Or at least that’s what he tells himself.

Until a crimson-eyed woman walks into his life with a killer case and challenges everything he believes to be true.

Six men have been found naked and frozen on the docks of Wishrock Harbor, and a dark shadow lurks in the river ready for its next meal.

As the details of the case keep changing, the line between good and evil start to blur.

With the help of his best friend and some unlikely allies, Gabe will need to sift through the lies to determine who the true monsters are — even if one of those monsters is himself.

Step into the Invisible Entente series and lose yourself in a supernatural mystery of friendship, longing, and revenge.

Uncaged Review: The second book of this series focuses on Gabriel, half fae and half gorgon. Each book in the series focuses on one of the members that escaped a magical room together. They don’t come back as a whole per say, except for a couple, but as this series progresses they may come together at the end, it seems that way anyhow. Being part gorgon (yes, the Medusa type) has kept Gabriel as a loner most of his life, having to wear sunglasses all the time to keep from turning people to stone. I would have thought he could have gotten an eye patch – would have made more sense, since it was only one eye that was the problem. Working as pretty broke P.I., a fire elemental comes in to hire him to find out how her husband was murdered, since the police are getting anywhere.

This is a pretty good book, although it slowed down too much in places, but it did stay interesting enough. I enjoyed this book, but I honestly think I liked book one better. The author does a good job twisting the story just enough that you have to rethink who you think the “bad guy” is from your original guesses. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars

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