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Uncaged Review – Sleeping with Elvis by Beth Carter

Sleeping with Elvis
Beth Carter
Contemporary Romance

Pepper Langley, an unemployed preschool teacher with a fear of flying and boating, hopes a vacation to remote Key Lime Island will bolster her confidence and salvage her relationship with her rogue boyfriend. From tiny Nowhere, Arkansas, she scrimped all year to afford the lavish trip, but a deadly storm changes everything.

Gorgeous Elvis impersonator Ty Townsend flees to Key Lime Island between gigs. During this hiatus, he reevaluates his profession after twice forgetting the King’s lyrics. He craves the isle’s solitude—far away from social media haters—where he shares beach life with a cursing parrot. The last thing on his mind is a woman, especially one who isn’t supposed to be there.

Will their secrets tear them apart or will they find happiness on the sand and stage?

Uncaged Review: So Pepper is meant to be going on holiday with her boyfriend Derek. Who is a jerk in every way possible. There both going to Key Lime Island But the only way to get there is a boat ride and then a plane ride. Two things Pepper is scared of forced to go nevertheless. It isn’t smooth sailing and some unexpected tragedies hit. But on the plus side there is some fun holiday times to enjoy. A swearing Parrot and let’s throw in an Elvis singer to mix things up.

This book has some sad moments but a lot of funny and heartwarming moments. Plus it’s a perfect read for on holiday or just a beach read. I really enjoyed this book and wouldn’t mind visiting the Key Lime Island myself. Reviewed by Jennifer

4 Stars



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