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Uncaged Review – Ring of Truth by Jaclyn Weist

Ring of Truth
Jaclyn Weist
Contemporary Romance

Erin doesn’t have time for a relationship. After six years of late nights and mind-numbing assignments as a marketing executive with the billion dollar Silver Script Ad Agency, she finally landed the coveted Smithson Jewelers account–which means her love life will have to wait a little longer.

When the actress at the first commercial shoot upsets the director, Erin finds herself cast as the leading lady alongside Jake, a handsome up-and-coming actor, who rescued her cat from the streets and stole her heart.
Flustered, she walks away from the shoot wearing the diamond ring, leading her mom to believe she’s truly engaged to Jake. Both are desperate enough to get their parents off their backs, that they run with the lie.
Now Jake and Erin have to figure out how to admit their story is false without hurting their parents or destroying the friendship they’ve gained with each other.

Uncaged Review: A nice easy going romance. Everything seems to fall into place a little too easily, and unrealistically. Erin, goes to the local shelter to pick her escapee cat, and the person behind the desk, is a out-of-work actor, country boy Jake, who is trying to make it in the big city. Erin then lands a huge jewelry account, and needs a male actor fast – and when she runs into Jake again, she pretty much hands him the job.
I like a good romance, but there wasn’t much in the line of obstacles in the way for this couple. There wasn’t any development of the characters, so I never felt much of a connection with them. With Jake’s country background, none of that really came out in the rest of the book, except where he goes home to visit. I didn’t feel he was a very strong character, and although I liked Erin and her friend Carissa – I never got attached like I should have. Reviewed by Cyrene

(no major warnings)

3 Stars


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