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Uncaged Review: Ride or Die by Lily Wallis

Ride or Die
Lily Wallis
Contemporary MC Romance

Ride or Die, the ultimate bond, the unconditional act of being there for someone, no questions asked, having someone’s back no matter if they fail or succeed. Is it possible? Is it plausible?

What if the person becomes unrecognizable, or you feel yourself die in the process? Is there an invisible fine line, and if so, where do you draw it?

Hawk is unlike anyone I’ve ever dated. For one, he’s a biker, a member of the Gates of Hell MC…but I don’t care.

The women around me know how to handle it, handle me. Brooke is different, and I think that is what draws me to her.

Uncaged Review: Ride or Die, the words that signify one of the most sacred bonds in the MC world. This is a pretty quick story, some of it felt a bit rushed especially at the end. The characters were a bit one dimensional and could have been flushed out better. I enjoyed the story, but the story switches from Brooke’s point-of-view to Hawk’s, and that can be confusing as it is mostly from chapter to chapter, but it’s not marked, so a couple times it threw me off. Brooke is the straight laced girl with a great family, and Hawk is the classic guy from the wrong side of the tracks that had the crappy childhood and his whole life was changed by the motorcycle club he belongs to, a club that gave him a family he never had.

All in all, this is an entertaining read, although it seems it may have been the debut book by this author, and I think this author will get better and better as the foundation is there. This is dialog driven story and it would have benefitted from better world building which is not as easy when you write in the first person narrative, but I would definitely be onboard to read more from this author. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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