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Uncaged Review – Rekindled Love by TL Clark

Rekindled Love
TL Clark
Contemporary Romance

Short synopsis: Sophie’s first love followed by hatches, matches & dispatches.

The detail: We join Sophie just in time for her first ‘experience’, but she gets torn away from her first love.

We go on to follow her life, through marriage, birth and death. Hers is not an easy life, but hold her hand through the bumpy bits to get to the good times. There’s a rollercoaster of emotions waiting for you.

Uncaged Review: Sophie has just finished her exams at school and was hoping to get into a college to study to be a journalist while spending some time with her boyfriend. Until her parents tell her there all moving to Newcastle as her dad has s new job. Sophie after a while copes and grows up where she is faced with many more problem in love. Until she meets a handsome stranger.

This story has lots of ups and downs. You can’t help but feel sorry for Sophie as you read all about her life. But it’s all part of growing up and living life.

A very heartfelt story of betrayal, love and loss. Reviewed by Jennifer

(sexual activity, cancer issues)

4 Stars


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