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Uncaged Review – Reaping Wind by Orlando Sanchez

Reaping Wind
Orlando Sanchez
Urban Fantasy

You reap what you sow, and when you sow death…vengeance comes to collect.
The Dark Council threatens everything Simon holds dear. They want to erase Monty, kill Peaches and remove Simon’s immortality—permanently. When Michiko goes missing, Simon realizes there is more at stake than he realizes. When Ken, Michiko’s brother asks the Montague & Strong Detective Agency to find her. They must act, before the Dark Council implodes in violence.

There’s only one slight problem…a renegade group of Blood Hunters blames Michiko for the loss of their weapons, one of which is bonded to Simon. They want the blades…and they want revenge.

Now, Monty & Simon must travel to Japan, find Michiko and stop the Blood Hunters before they eliminate an ancient vampire, without becoming the next target! 
Will they find Michiko in time? Will they stop the Blood Hunters?

As we jump back in with Monty, Simon and Peaches, I have to admit, that this was not my favorite of the series, but that’s all relative with this series, it’s still a fantastic series. Lots of things are happening in this book, including kidnapping, a dragon shifter and a crazy Blood Hunter. Things are going to go all kinds of wrong before they go right, and even Peaches is targeted. As promised, we still learn more about Monty and Simon, and the world continues to develop. I can’t pinpoint the exact reason that this wasn’t a favorite in the series, but for some reason, some places felt a bit rushed, and others too slow. I guess this isn’t the easiest to balance out.  There is plenty of action and magic, and all the fun banter we’ve come to love from Simon, and this is a worthy addition to the series.

4.5 Stars


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