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Uncaged Review – Raider of Her Heart by N. Jade Gray

Raider of Her Heart
N. Jade Gray
Time Travel Historica

Cavalry scout Judson Stone needs to warn Lawrence, Kansas, of the impending threat of Quantrill and his raiders. Shot and left for dead, he awakes in a strange new time and place. Guilt riddles him over his failed mission as the days pass and he struggles to find a way back to his own time –and overcome growing feelings for a woman who doesn’t trust him.

Sadie Winters has her hands full juggling a full-time job, a start-up business, and the chore of keeping tabs on her mischievous grandfather. She doesn’t need the further complication of caring for the stranger Gramps brought home. Little by little, the mystery surrounding Judson is revealed, and she throws herself into helping him find his way back to his own time. But how can she send him back, knowing she’s fallen in love?

Uncaged Review: Judson Stone is a cavalry scout down to his bones. His current orders are to ride to Lawrence, Kansas to warn the mayor of impending arrival of Quantrill and his raiders. Quantrill’s scouts find him first, shoot him and leave him for dead. Next thing he knows, he’s in a completely new—and strange—time and place. And at the mercy of a lovely woman named Sadie.
Sadie Winters is busy. She works full time, runs a farm with mini horses she’s training for therapy work, and keeps an eye on Walt, her trouble-finding but loveable grandpa. Now she has a mysterious man, who Gramps volunteered to watch over, staying on at the farm. Something tells her not to trust Judson Stone.
Fans of Kansas history will certainly enjoy the realistic historical elements. What Judson deems as a failed mission provides a strong historical backdrop. Gramps is certainly colorful, if not downright delightful. The slow burn romance between Sadie and Judson is nice. The instant way Gramps accepted Judson’s story and took him under his wing is trite. There are several stock, or easy, avenues that could have been better developed and not so easily swept away. They could have better added to the plotline. However, once the romance is solidified and Judson’s time-traveling mystery is revealed, the story takes a new, refreshing turn. It all leads to a satisfying ending. Reviewed by Ryan Jo

4 Stars


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