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Uncaged Review: Psi-Wars Anthology

Scifi/Horror Anthology

From Atlantis to the Third Reich and beyond, these thirteen original cerebral tales of science fiction and horror explore the evils that abound when humanity wields extraordinary minds as weapons, whether to wage war or prevent it. Steeped in psychic savagery, telekinetic combat, and extrasensory espionage, PSI-WARS imagines corrupt governments and daring operatives, gods and soldiers and hackers and spies. The authors don’t flinch when they peer around the darkest, most violent corners of the human psyche. Will you?

Uncaged Review: This anthology was an unexpected read for me. I’ve read a lot of scifi in my reading life, but I’ve never been huge on anthologies, but this is a good one. This bases around wars, and the psychic abilities, some steeped into true historical times. From the first story of Simon helping the Nazis to beat the Americans in WWII with his voice, and the horror of not being able to stop. A standout for me is THE VISIONS OF PERRY GODWIN by Dean Wyant – where Perry has visions of people’s deaths, but it becomes a very useful talent during the WWII.

There is not a bad story in the bunch of these 13 short stories. I had picked it up planning on reading a couple of the stories at a time, and ended up finishing the whole book. A well done anthology that is a worthy read. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars

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