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Uncaged Review – Phoenix’s Refrain by Ella Summers

Phoenix’s Refrain
Ella Summers

Dark Fantasy

There are forces greater than gods or demons at work here.

Leda Pandora, the Angel of Chaos, isn’t like other angels. She fights dirty, in ways totally unbecoming of a soldier in the Legion of Angels. She cracks jokes at the other angels, even when she should really keep her mouth shut. And she stubbornly insists on doing the right thing, even if it’s totally against the rules.

Leda’s chaotic ways have helped her win many battles, but she’s going to need more than a healthy dose of chaos this time. Powerful forces have their eyes trained on her unborn child, a magical miracle who might just become the most powerful weapon ever conceived.

To secure her daughter’s future, Leda will need to unravel schemes and unlock secrets buried deep in the past. Because ignorance is not bliss when deities play the game.

Uncaged Review: Leda and Nero’s child is on the
way, and targeted by not only by Leda’s parents,
Grace and Faris for a weapon, but also the Guardians
who have been kidnapping supernaturals to use for
power. In this book we learn more about the past lives
of Grace and her sisters, and of Tessa, Gin and Zane,
Leda’s family and how they all became the adoptive
children of Callie. This world is so intricate and well
thought out down to the last detail that you may want
to read this book (or parts of it) twice to get to all
the details. The plot comes together nicely and even
though the main arc in the story is ongoing, the books
will not leave the reader on a cliffhanger.

Leda and Nero are stronger than ever, and the secondary
characters are back in force. The humor adds
levity and the action sequences had me on the edge
of my seat. Highly recommended series. Reviewed by

5 Stars


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