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Uncaged Review – Nine Souls by Shayne Silvers

Nine Souls
Shayne Silvers
Urban Fant

Nate Temple has an appointment in Hell. One he can’t reschedule…

After recent events, Nate took some much-deserved time off for a little rest and relaxation. But when he finally returns home to attend what should have been a celebration of love, he finds insidious fear infecting the streets of St. Louis.

ParanoiaChaosAnarchy. It seems every supernatural family in town is sick and tired of Nate and wants to put him in his place. The worst part…all his friends seem to agree.

With everyone else fighting to prevent war between the families, Nate takes two of his scariest friends on a walk down that famous path paved with good intentions—to those eternal pits of despair—so he can finally demand some real answers from his parents.

He definitely never thought his actions could make Hell any worse than it already was…

Uncaged Review: I’m not sure how Mr. Silvers keeps upping his game on these books, but I think this is one of my favorites so far, the ninth book into the series. This time, there is someone passing along discontent within the wolves, dragons and vampires. And they all want Nate to stand back from it all. Along with all the problems he’s facing with a potential war coming between shifters, Nate needs to go to Hell to question his parents. But making it out of Hell is going to be a lot harder than getting in…

This book has a great suspense surrounding it, and answers some questions that have been lingering for a few books now. Most of the supporting cast are here in top form, and Cassie from Kansas City (Feathers and Fire spin-off series) remains throughout the book. I’m even more hooked on the Nate Temple series than ever before. This series should be picked up for a show, as long as they do it justice. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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