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Uncaged Review – Nation of the Sun by HR Moore

Nation of the Sun
HR Moore
Fantasy Romance

Amari has a perfect life. She’s a successful food critic, and is marrying a high flying human rights lawyer. But the day before her wedding, a stranger, Caspar, tries to solicit her help. She sends him away, but can’t shake the feeling that she knows him.

When Amari’s new husband has to leave the country before their honeymoon, Amari tells Caspar she’ll help him. But Amari and Caspar are attacked by an assassin, forcing them into hiding at the London headquarters of the Pagan Nation. Here, she discovers she’s an ancient and powerful demon, someone who reincarnates, and that Caspar is her soulmate.

As she’s drawn into Caspar’s world of standing stones and feuding nations, Amari can’t deny the deep connection that pulses between them. But she can’t remember her past, she has a husband, and finds herself torn between two irreconcilable lives. And not only that, but the Pagans have secrets they refuse to reveal: Why did Amari avoid Caspar for a hundred years? And what happened between Amari and the leader of a rival nation in the past? To determine if she can trust Caspar, if she should help him, she must wake her demon soul, and bring back her memories. For one thing is certain: when that happens, the tables will turn.

Uncaged Review: Amari and Caspar are demons who have lived many lives, but when Amari reincarnates, she never remembers her past. Caspar is her soulmate, and each lifetime, Caspar must get to her for her to remember who they are. This time, there are assassins trying to get to them and they need to find out why. Many mysteries need to be unraveled in this book, and it’s a very intricate and intriguing storyline. It did end on a bit of a cliffhanger – the author claims that the third and final book in the main series will be out in March 2022 – so at least it’s not that big of a wait.

There is a lot to like about this book, Pagans and demons, past lives and new discoveries, a lot of details that I find myself scratching my head as to how the author keeps it all straight, make this easy to recommend. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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