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Uncaged Review – Mark of the Fallen by Eve Archer

Mark of the Fallen
Eve Archer

Billionaire playboy or the devil? A fallen angel can be both.

Not only is Dominick Vicario tall, dark, and wickedly attractive, he’s also the head of the world’s most powerful underworld family. And the leader of the Fallen—former heavenly Watchers banished to earth who’ve become wealthy playboys.

When I meet him, my life is circling the drain. My job is going nowhere, my boyfriend is a jerk, and I’m in debt up to my eyeballs.

So, when the dangerously seductive mafia don offers me a deal that will solve all my problems, I take it. All I have to do is spend the rest of the summer with the mysterious billionaire. A couple of months of jet-setting on private planes and yachts isn’t too high a price to pay, right?

But Dominick believes I’m destined to be his mate—and the key to all the fallen angels being restored to their rightful place in the celestial order.

And it doesn’t matter if I think he’s crazy. He’s convinced I’m his for eternity. And so are the demons chasing us.

Can I escape from his immortal curse? Or will his dark past come back to haunt us both?

This is a decent read for the start of a series, and the characters are likeable and the places that are visited in the book are well described. The leader of the Fallen, Dominick, comes off as a mob boss, and “most” of his businesses are now legitimate and legal. Having been alive forever it seems, he’s amassed quite a fortune. Ella is a down on your luck woman who didn’t get the promotion that she was working so hard for and is in major debt. One thing that bugged me about that debt, is part of it was her own student loan debt, but the other part was the debt her parents had left behind when they died. No one is responsible for their parents debts, whatever is left of any estates or personal holdings is all they get, the child is not obligated to pay anything.

When Ella goes to blow off steam after a party from her company, she goes to a hotel bar that she’s read about. Of course, this is Dominick’s hotel, and as soon as he sees her, he knows that she’s been Angel touched, although Ella has no idea.

This is a good start, but I have a hard time enjoying books that cut off on a major cliffhanger, just as a grab to get a reader to the next book, and this one did that.

4 Stars


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