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Uncaged Review – Legacy of Ruby’s Ranch by Rhonda Frankhouser

Legacy of Ruby’s Ranch
Rhonda Frankhouser
Paranormal Ghost Romance

The moment her grandmother presses an ancient amulet into her palm, Rube Gautier’s life changes. Chosen to lead a mystical life in the service of her village, she’s expected to marry within the community and confer with the spirits to lead her people, but all she really wants is a normal life, on a ranch of her own far away from Oklahoma, with a man of her choosing. When she lays eyes on Mac, hope for a different future begins to blossom.

World War II hero Mackenzie Adams finds more than he bargained for at a local livestock auction. When he catches sight of the fiery redhead commanding a crowd of roughneck ranchers, his heart pounds faster than it had when he’d stormed Omaha beach. He’d never seen so much passion and so much angst in such a beautiful package. Unfortunately, she’s bound to another life.

Sparks fly between Rube and Mac even as danger lurks around them. The spirits insist Rube must fulfill her destiny, and they will do what they must to see it done, even if it means taking those Rube loves away from her.

Is Rube and Mac’s love enough to fight a legacy that has stood the test of time, or will Rube lose everything and everyone she loves most?

Uncaged Review: It’s really hard to pin down a genre for the Ruby Ranch series, I know this one is marketed as a paranormal – but it’s not the typical type you’d read in this genre. This full series can actually straddle the lines between paranormal, western contemporary and western historical – 20th century and even a tidbit of scifi. So I don’t want readers to think this is “just” a paranormal or “just” a western, it’s not – it’s a true crossover.
This is the third book in the series, and this time we go back in time to Rube’s time as a young woman and how life was like for her. I’m so very honored, that Rube’s mother’s name is Cyrene – and then to find out that Ruby’s mom, Katherine – her middle name is Cyrene. I’m so very humbled, it’s a very uncommon name and I thank Ms. Frankhouser for the honor (yes, she did ask).

This is probably my favorite book of the series. Each book we learn more and more and this one clicks the other two books in place for me, especially with the tradition of her community – but will she be able to break tradition to be with Mac? You’ll have to read to find out, and you won’t be disappointed. I just want to go back and reread the entire series. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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