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Uncaged Review – Lady Brazen by Scarlett Scott

Lady Brazen
Scarlett Scott
Historical Regency

Lady Philippa Shaw had it all: a husband who was madly in love with her, a sweet baby daughter, and a house in the most exclusive square in London. Until a shocking discovery after her husband’s death revealed her happy life was a lie. Now, his past crimes are returning to haunt her, bringing danger, devastation, and the one man she’s spent the past few years despising.

Roland, the Duke of Northwich, never recovered from losing Pippa to the cunning scoundrel she married instead of him. When he began investigating the murky business dealings of her dead husband, however, he never intended to cause Pippa harm. Their clash is instant, her enmity for him shattering. As the shadowy menace of her husband’s sins emerges, Northwich offers his protection in the only way he knows how.

Pippa has no intention of binding herself to the duke in a marriage of convenience. But after an incident makes the threat to herself and her daughter undeniable, she reluctantly accepts his proposal. She finds herself struggling to reconcile the cold, ruthless man she believed Northwich to be with the caring, considerate man she’s married.

As they work together to discover who is behind the attacks on her, the secrets of the past are unlocked. And the most shocking one of all lies in her new husband’s heart.

Uncaged Review: This is the 6th book in a series, and it reads perfectly fine as a standalone. After losing her husband, Pippa finds out that her marriage was all a ruse, her husband with his bad business dealings and it’s all coming back to haunt Pippa and her daughter. Roland, who was jilted by Pippa years ago, still steps up to the plate and offers his protection.

I have to admit, I love this author’s books, but I did not like the heroine in the first two thirds of the book. She was very immature and undecided, and I didn’t see much growth with her until the last part of the book. So unfortunately, reading most of a book, not really connecting to the heroine, makes it a bit harder to put up there with my favorites. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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