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Uncaged Review – Knightly Dreams by Anna Markland

Knightly Dreams
Anna Markland

Knightly Dreams
Anna Markland
Contemporary/Medieval Romance

Peter Bateson is an accomplished graduate student whose doctoral thesis proves conclusively that the Templar treasure no longer exists. (Sorry Dan Brown). His well-researched theories and his comfortable lifestyle are challenged when he meets Susie, a university drop out who insists the treasure still exists because the Templar Knight who visits her dreams told her so.

Uncaged Review: The sub-genres this book is marketed in is a bit confusing, but it’s really not a historical romance, but a contemporary with a historical twist, and it’s definitely not for the young adult audience, I would caution strongly against that.

This is a charming story that has a ghostly presence – a Templar Knight visits Susie in her dreams to try to lead her to a Templar secret. When Susie meets Peter and his friends at a local bar she works in, they tell her about Peter’s thesis he’s giving on the Templar Knights. But when Peter offers to give Susie a ride to a Medieval weekend, in the place that the Templars used to be, the day turns into something more for both of them. What does it mean that the Knight keeps coming to Susie, what is he trying to tell her?

This is a short story that is nicely paced and even though the romance is a bit too fast to really believe, the nice ending was a great touch.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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