Uncaged Review – Kiss of Midnight by Lara Adrian


Kiss of Midnight
Lara Adrian
Paranormal Romance

He watches her from across the crowded dance club, a sensual black-haired stranger who stirs Gabrielle Maxwell’s deepest fantasies. But nothing about this night–or this man–is what it seems. For when Gabrielle witnesses a murder outside the club, reality shifts into something dark and deadly. In that shattering instant she is thrust into a realm she never knew existed–a realm where vampires stalk the shadows and a blood war is set to ignite.

Lucan Thorne despises the violence carried out by his lawless brethren. A vampire himself, Lucan is a Breed warrior, sworn to protect his kind–and the unwitting humans existing alongside them–from the mounting threat of the Rogues. Lucan cannot risk binding himself to a mortal woman, but when Gabrielle is targeted by his enemies, he has no choice but to bring her into the dark underworld he commands.

Here, in the arms of the Breed’s formidable leader, Gabrielle will confront an extraordinary destiny of danger, seduction, and the darkest pleasures of all. . . .

About the Midnight Breed series

Part human, part otherworldly, the Breed has lived among humankind for thousands of years, maintaining a tentative peace built on secrecy, power, and the dark justice carried out by the formidable warriors of the Order.

But now, a blood war within the race is set to ignite. Vampires are going Rogue in startling numbers, feeding without discretion, killing humans in the streets. It is up to the Order to stop the spreading threat of Rogue domination–and in so doing, each of the warriors will be forced to confront private demons, darkest secrets, deepest fears. Some will know triumph, some will know loss, but each warrior can count on one thing: Love, when it finds him, will often come at the worst possible moment, with the least likely woman . . . and it will bring each of these powerful males to his knees.

Uncaged Review: I read some of this series many
years ago, but I had forgotten a lot of it, but I
did remember how much I loved Ms. Adrian’s
writing. I never reviewed back in those days.
This book opens up the Midnight Breed series
of warriors that protect humans from the rogues.
If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood from
J.R. Ward, you will like this series too. There are
some similarities as to the extent that the warrior
class live together in a large compound while the
vampires that are not under the warrior class are
protected in the Dark Havens. In this series, the
original vampires were aliens, that came to Earth
and adapted to live by drinking blood. Some of
these vampires have gone Rogue with bloodlust,
and use human minions to work during the day
for them. The warriors do their best to keep them
in check. There is a larger arc running through
this series, but this book concentrates on the
leader Lucan and Gabrielle. The Breed can’t procreate
without a special woman, one is designated
as a Breedmate with a small tattoo somewhere
on their body as a drop of blood inside a crescent
moon. Most of the Breedmates have no idea what
any of it means until they are faced with the truth
and their destined mate.

This is great start to this series, Gabrielle won’t
take any gruff from Lucan, and with Lucan being
the leader, there are a lot of road blocks in the
way of him claiming Gabrielle. This is an invocative
read, with hard hitting but tasteful sex scenes,
and great battle scenes. The warriors you meet
you will like immediately, and I can’t wait to get
into the rest of them. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars