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Uncaged Review – Isle of the Blessed by Suzan Tisdale

Isle of the Blessed
Suzan Tisdale
Historical Romance/Medieval

BONUS MATERIAL: Albert & Laurin’s Story.

“Trust is the most important thing between husband and wife. If you cannot trust your husband with your heart, your life, or your love, nothing else matters … only give the sword to your husband if you can trust him with all these things.”

Uncaged Review: In this story, you actually get 2 stories in one, both involving the MacAulay brothers and family. As a young lad, Graeme would find the young girl Josephine, hiding from her brother, for one reason or another. And as time went on, Graeme studied abroad, with his passion to learn as much as he could. When the letter came that his parents had arranged a marriage for him, to Josephine of all people, Graeme was so enraged that he didn’t return home until it was close to the time limit. Not wanting to shame his family, he would do the right thing. But what he found when he got home, was not what he expected….
Josephine has been hiding a sword, the Gladius, handed down from her dying mother when she was only 9 yrs old. She was only to give it to the man that that she could love and trust with her body and soul. Will Graeme be that man?

The second part of this story is Josephine’s best friend and heart sister, Laurin. Abused, beaten and raped from Josephine’s brother and his friends – Josephine refuses to leave her when the MacAulay’s come to collect her. Graeme’s brother Albert, pays for her freedom and they all go home to the island and the MacAulay keep.

This story is mesmerizing. I was hooked within a few pages. I could picture the world in my mind as I read along. The author gives you some danger, sadness, anger and happiness within these stories and brings you to a satisfying conclusion. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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