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Uncaged Review – Highland Chance by S.R. Mitchell with Excerpt

Highland Chance
Box Set – 3 Book Series
S.R. Mitchell
Historical/Time Travel

Second Chance with a Highlander (Book 1)

When Kate looks into his eyes she realizes she has
seen him before, in her dreams.
She has felt his kisses and touched his skin.
Now Kate finds herself in a different place and time. He is not a dream but very real and handsome, intoxicating.

Highland Tides by Chance (Book 2)

Nothing very exciting ever happened to Anna until she woke up wet, covered in sand, and with a man standing above her.
He is tall. He is strong. He is very handsome.
He makes her mouth water and her body quiver.

A Chance to Love a Highlander (Book 3)

When Elle finds herself in the ghostly way–dead– everything is put into perspective, but that will not change the feelings she has grown for one man even though she believes him forever lost to her.
Elle and Mikel have more in common than she realized.
They are both in for a surprise of epic proportions and only time will write their ending…

Finding His Heart ~ Maverick’s Story
Bonus Novelette
Maverick never thought he’d find love as he watched each of his closest friends find just that; earth shatterimg love. What he finds defies time…

Excerpt – Chapter 16

“Wake up!” Elle all but shouted in Anna’s ear. She was standing on the side of the bed, closest to the sliding doors to the small balcony. The sliding doors were open letting in the cool night breeze.
“Why are you yelling?” asked Anna as she sat up in the bed trying to gain her bearings. Anna looked to the open sliding door and shivered. “Well? Why are you yelling?” Elle just smiled at her.
“Get up out of that bed and come look.” Elle was very excited. “You will not believe where the next port of call is.”
Anna paled. Something was up for her sister to be so excited. “The next port?”
“Yeah,” answered Elle, waving her hands toward the balcony. “I think this is maybe the last one if I remember the itinerary right; then we are homeward bound.”
Anna slowly made her way to the balcony on shaky legs. High on the cliff was a small stone building looking out onto the water. Anna stood frozen in place and watched as the rocky cliff went by to reveal a town built up behind a small port. A few small fishing boats dotted the water.
“Oh, shit,” Anna finally said. “This is where I fell.” She turned to look at her sister before turning back. “The port is so different, but…” Anna couldn’t finish. What were the odds they would be at this particular port? The cruise ship would have a land excursion planned for this small town, and Anna planned to be on it.
“This is all meant to be.” Elle turned excitedly to her sister, but her excitement faded when she saw Anna’s expression. “What’s wrong?”
Anna was shaking. “When you woke me up,” Anna said quietly. “I was dreaming of Hamish.”
Elle walked over to her sister and grabbed her shoulders reassuringly. “That’s a good thing, right? What did you dream about?”
“He was building that little stone structure on the cliffs,” Anna smiled sadly. “Hamish was asking why I’d had to leave and that he loved me.” Her eyes connected with her sister. “It was so real. When I said I loved him too, I could have sworn he heard me.”
“Oh my,” breathed Elle, “like in that small stone building?”
Anna just shook her head.
“Hurry,” urged Elle. “Take a quick shower and get dressed. We need to get off this ship and on the boat headed for the port.”
Anna felt excited. All she could manage was a nod as she grabbed some clean clothes and headed toward the bathroom.
Halfway to the bathroom, Anna froze. “If this is a sign of something and I am not just getting my hopes up,” Anna paused. “I want to call and talk to Mom and Dad before we leave. I want them to know that everything is okay, that I am okay.”
Elle smiled. “I think that’s a great idea. Are they up now?”
“No,” Anna said, reaching for the phone beside her bed and waited for the communication service to answer. “They’re almost seven hours behind us, but…”
“You need to,” finished Elle.
Anna nodded her head in agreement. “After everything that’s happened, I’ve learned that nothing is what is seems to be, and anything is possible. I need to talk to them.”
Elle understood, and sadness pulled at her heart. “I wish I could talk to them, too.”

Two hours later, after Anna grabbed a small breakfast, they were in line to board the boats set for the port. Elle stood beside her looking just as eager as Anna felt. Now they both had a reason to get back, Anna thought.
People surrounding her were so excited and chatty; it was contagious. Anna felt the excitement growing inside as they finally began boarding the excursion boat.
The whole boat ride, Anna tried to keep down her excitement, wondering what this all meant. What if they reached the stone building and it meant nothing? She kept trying to tell herself it was a coincidence. Turning to smile at her sister, Anna stared into the face of a cheerful elderly woman.
Now was not the time for this, Anna thought. She looked around the entire boat for her sister, but she was nowhere to be found.
Anna sighed and sat down in one of the few empty chairs that dotted the deck space.
She watched all the excited faces around her and realized how crazy this whole thing was and how uncertain was the outcome.
Standing to disembark, Anna glanced around once more.
“I am so sorry,” Elle said. “I don’t know what happened. I was beside you one second and then the next I was floating like in a dream,” Elle whispered in her sister’s ear. “It was like having a crazy acid trip.”
“I wondered where you had gone to,” Anna responded as she continued walking on the path along the street. There were little shops all along the road facing the water. Each building was only one or two stories tall with the occasional three-story building in different colors. “Well isn’t this quaint.”
“He was there,” Elle breathed heavy.
“What?” Anna stopped still. “Who?”
“Mikel,” Elle smiled happily. “He was reaching his hand toward me. The look on his face was…was…” Elle paused, “want.”
“Oh, so you pop out to have a lust-filled floating acid dream?” Anna huffed.
“No,” Elle countered, perturbed. “Like love.”
“Elle,” Anna started.
Elle held up her hand, “I know,” she chuckled. “I am a dead girl, but something was different. I could almost feel him, and I could hear the waves behind us.”
They both turned toward the cliffs to the small stone structure, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” asked Anna.
“Yes,” answered Elle, “let’s go.”
After hours hunting down a local willing to drive them up to the site on top of the cliff, they stood staring at the little stone structure. It was beautiful and familiar.
“This is how we can get back,” said Elle as she tentatively stepped toward the arched opening that was the doorway. “Anna, follow me.” Elle stopped to reach for her sister’s hand. “This is what you wanted.”
She stared at the structure. Anna placed her hands gently on her belly where life grew. “What if it hurts the baby?”
“I do not think we would have been led here if doing this would in any way harm the baby,” Elle reassured Anna. “I am walking through that opening with you,” Elle affirmed, “hand in hand.”
Anna hesitated a moment before she took a big deep breath and grabbed her sister’s hand. “What will happen?”
“I don’t know,” Elle smiled. “Maybe nothing, but it is worth a try.”
“But what if I lose you?” Anna countered.
“No matter what happens, you will eventually see me again,” she assured Anna. “You two belong together.”
The wind howled as dark clouds seemed to form overhead and the water below grew choppy.
Anna nodded. “This has been the craziest experience of my life. I love you, Elle.”
“I love you too, sis,” Elle smiled.
They held on to each other’s hand and walked through the stone opening.

Uncaged Review
Second Chance with a Highlander
Book One

I wasn’t sure how this story was going to go with the way we started – but Kate is dying of cancer and prays for a miracle. In the hospital, she loses consciousness, and she realizes it’s time – but right when the peace of the darkness begins to envelope her, she’s tossed back into life, into a body in medieval Scotland – in a body that has been tortured. When she is found by Connor and taken back to his castle, she realizes that she’s dreamed of Connor and her soul is at peace with him.

This is a second chance at life, and a second chance for two souls to find each other, over and over. Heartwarming, intriguing and engaging. The only part I wasn’t a big fan of was the epilogue. I personally would have liked it better if it was left off.
Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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