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Uncaged Review – Graveyard Rose by Ginny Clyde

Graveyard Rose
Ginny Clyde
Gothic Romance/Paranormal

In a world where vampires, werewolves and other strains of such demonic creatures run at large, Lenara Gerrickson is a young Guardian appointed among the ranks of men, to protect human lives. Under the burden of a broken heart, she risks her life for her sister and struggles to maintain her position as the lone female Guardian; to uphold the honour and grandeur of her noble House. The company of Guardians rides forth to face the threat of a new breed of werewolves wreaking carnage throughout a rural village. Though her male cohorts are confident of victory, Lenara’s intuition warns of unforeseen horrors.
Is there any hope for her to find love in this dark and desolate world, or will she perish in the line of duty? Here begins the incredible tale of a lost maiden, and of a mysterious, gentle man who calls himself a beast…

Uncaged Review: Lenara Gerrickson is a young guardian, the first woman guardian, appointed to protect the lives of humans from werewolves and vampires. The story is about Lenara trying to find a cure for her sick sister, while trying to protect the humans also from coming to harm.

I thought this storyline was quite interesting and being a fan of werewolves, it was fun to learn where the first werewolf in history came from. The relationship between Lenara and her family was quite touching. I’m looking forward to reading book two in this series. Ginny Clyde set up the characters quite well in this book.
Reviewed by Jennifer

3 Stars


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