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Uncaged Review – Finding Faith by April A. Luna

Finding Faith
April A. Luna
Paranormal Romance

Faith Kometo cleans out the church coffers of a quaint village, flees on foot from pitchfork-wielding townsfolk, and ends up entangled in the veil between parallel worlds by a primordial spirit with Hayden Cox, an elite scout with the Order of Hunters, hot on her trail.

It’s taken Hayden two years and three timelines to trap his gargouille prey—a member of the Kometo clan. Now that he has his target in hand, he’ll stop at nothing to unearth the truth behind the order, genocide, and love’s pull.

Uncaged Review: The 12th book in the Soul Mate Tree series, and in this outing, we come to know Faith – a gargouille, or gargoyle and the hunters that have almost hunted her species to extinction. This book is a shorter, novella length and it jams quite a bit into its pages, but could definitely have been flushed out more. One of the confusing parts about this book, is the different timelines and parallel worlds, and trying to keep what happened in each world compared to the final one we enter.

The romance was a bit too sudden, even within this series of fantasy, I think the pull of a soul mate between Hayden and Faith goes from zero to a hundred in a bit too short of a timeline. But all-in-all, this is a fitting addition to this series on a whole and it had enough action and a few good twists to keep me turning pages. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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