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Uncaged Review – Fearless Destiny by Annette Bower

Fearless Destiny
Annette Bower
Contemporary Romance

Tiffany George, riding high on her commission as a fresco artist, returns home for some deserved rest and relaxation.

The drive proves uneventful until she rescues Will Cleaver on the side of a highway. While savoring memories of a kiss and a well-formed butt, her future goals do not include a romance.

Once in town, she discovers the hopes and dreams of her community hinge on the development of a new resource mine and Will’s designed neighborhood. Her parents demand she give up art and resume her working partner role in the family business.

Tiffany finds herself pulled by her community roots and stretched by her newly discovered independence.

Will knows about taking charge of destiny. He models the courage she uses to become the woman she needs to be.

Uncaged Review: Tiffany is an artist, who escaped her small home town life in Apex and in her family’s plumbing business to study art. Finally hitting her stride with a large contract job. With her week off, she decides to go home for a week off before she begins the job. Outside of town, she finds a stranded motorist, and stops to help, finding the man is disabled and with the pain in his legs, he can’t get out of the car. Tiffany helps him out, and waits until the tow-truck shows before heading home. When she gets home, her father is very ill, and there is a water break in town – so Tiffany is thrust back into the family business, and when her father is hospitalized, she’s a bit stuck.

The man she helped back on the road, is Will. A man that designs community development for a large company, and Apex is the target. With a potash mine close by, bringing life back to the small town should be a win win for all involved, but it has its challenges.

This is a sweet love story, and a story with a powerful message, that if you don’t give up, you can find a way to accomplish anything. Will and Tiffany’s story is filled with humor and a nice plot. It’s not a fast paced story, but it’s an easy read that you can feel good about with interesting characters that you can rally behind. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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