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Uncaged Review – Exit Signs by Patricia Locke

As seen in Issue 5 of Uncaged Book Reviews

Exit Signs
Patricia Locke
Contemporary Romance

Researcher Tracy Price is trying to find a dead writer and forget a live musician.

Rock star Jesse Elliot is sure Tracy is demented, and she believes he wouldn’t recognize the truth in a lineup of Bibles. Their only hope is to stop trying to read each other’s minds and start speaking their own.

Anyone who has ever had a crush, felt betrayed, or been forgiven will appreciate Tracy’s struggle to claim the life she never knew she wanted.

Uncaged Review: The story starts with us reading about who Jesse Elliot is and why he’s in a courthouse. Then we meet Tracy who is a researcher for a independent video production company. Who meets Jesse through a friend so clearly they have a past hence them both being at court. Well this is a simple story of girl works for boy by reading his memoir he’s writing. While trying to do her paid job by looking into a missing person case of a Loretta Galiend. Who’s been missing since 1934 Tracey finds herself drawn to this case as Loretta left behind a suitcase of her life story. So we learn about secret meetings a love affair gone wrong and what happens when you keep vital information to yourself.
I really liked the story it was a romance and a mystery all rolled into one. Enjoyed learning about Loretta’s past, Tracy’s future and how love doesn’t turn out how you would expect it to. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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