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Uncaged Review – Duke of Decadence by Tammy Andresen

Duke of Decadence
Tammy Andresen
Historical Regency

The Duke of Decadence has a secret…

Well, to be honest, Bash has several. His father, the Demon Duke, might have been the cruelest man in all of England. Bash hates his own title, the very one he inherited and all the trappings that come with it. And most secret of all, he hopes never to marry and carry on that family legacy. Which is downright scandalous for a duke to even think.

Miss Isabella Carrington is trying not to be seen…

When a young lady of a certain age sneaks into a gaming hell, dressed as a man, she doesn’t wish to be discovered. While her and her sisters need the money, and she could win with her ability to count cards, it would be best if no one discovered she was there. With no male protector and no financial means, this high-stakes game of cards was their last hope.

But of course, the shrewd Duke of Decadence learns all of it in the course of a single evening. And when he comes to her with a proposition…work at the Den of Sins in exchange for his protection and her sisters’ launch into society, she isn’t certain how she can refuse. But Isabella doesn’t want to accept either. The man is everything she hates with his lavish life and decadent ways.

And worse still, he manages to steal her breath each and every time they meet…

Uncaged Review: The ninth book in this series
brings us the story of Bash and Isabella. This book
has Isabella trying to disguise herself to be able to
gamble at a gaming hell, to get money for her and her
sisters, but Bash sees through her charade and offers
her a job at the gaming hell, Den of Sins in exchange
for his protection. Isabella can’t see a way out of it,
but Bash is everything she despises, so theirs is more
of a hate-to-love romance.

This is a great addition to this series and Bash and Isabella’s
story is sometimes intriguing and sometimes
humorous with likeable characters. Even characters
that you can see will be featured in a future addition
to the series, and some from the past are making
their appearances. A good story and a heartwarming
epilogue. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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