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Uncaged Review – Dragon Trial by Debbie Cassidy

Dragon Trial
Debbie Cassidy
Dark Fantasy

The stories say that the dragons saved humanity, but all they left were ashes, cinder, and a new breed of human. Welcome to the Outlands, where nobody cares if you scream.

Rogue, Fighter, survivor. I have many roles, but my only purpose is to protect my loved ones and make a better life for them. It’ll take one more job to make my dream a reality.

But fate, the uncooperative bitch, stands ready to twist the knife.

Taken by Dragon bloods, the better-looking result of human and dragon unions, I’m caged and forced to fight in the arena for their amusement.

They want me to bleed, but I’ll be damned if I’ll kiss the sand for them

But there is more to the Arena’s purpose than meets the eye, and I’m beginning to believe that all the stories I’ve been told may be nothing more than fiction. With the help of a man with eyes like flame, and his arrogant, incorrigible brother, I may just survive to find out the truth.

The Bloods are close to executing an awful plan, and the only way to stop them is to escape. My family wait for me. My dream awaits, and freedom will be mine.

Uncaged Review: This book really surprised me. I
liked the originality of this world, and am looking
forward to learning more. The author doesn’t
slow the book down with a lot of back lore, but
gives bits and pieces as you go along. I ended up
having a lot more questions at the end, but the
cliffhanger that this landed on was not too horrible,
considering 3 of the 4 books this series is, are
already released.

The action sequences and the characters are well
thought out, and I can see this turning into a reverse
harem in the future, but this is a slow build.
I’m definitely moving on to the second book as
I have a lot more questions. The book kept my
attention and I liked the different supernatural beings.
Nice start to a series. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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