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Uncaged Review – Deadly Darkness by Victoria Zak

Deadly Darkness
Victoria Zak
Historical Fantasy

Step into the sexy world of the Fae Vampire sisters from the Scottish Highlands.

A sister’s unbreakable loyalty…

Left for dead by the evil queen’s dark servant, Adaira finds herself in the hands of Rafe, a wolf-shifter who threatens her sanity and indomitable heart.

A commander’s unshakeable love…

Ordered to capture the Keith sisters, Rafe Madok, commander of the Honor Guard, must turn over the woman he loves to face justice. 

Both must follow their hearts…

By secretly protecting the Keith sisters at the same time he’s expected to capture them, Rafe’s position in his pack is in jeopardy. She must clear her sister’s name and defy the man she loves by asking Rafe to escort her to the very laird that ordered her arrest. Will Rafe choose duty over love? Can Adaira protect her sister and openly love Rafe at the same time? Or will fate destroy everything they’ve worked so hard to protect?

Uncaged Review: The second book in this series hits right on target. Leana Keith is accused of murdering the Laird’s son. Adaira is trying to find her sister and clear her name, and at the same time Rafe’s wolf pack is ordered to find them and bring them in for justice. But Rafe only wants to protect Adaira, will his pack turn on him when they find out that he’s been protecting her? And let’s not forget about the dark fae.

The author does a great job, blending historical with the paranormal and it really works. I liked and enjoyed the first novel in this trilogy several months ago, but I loved this one. The strength and determination of Adaira and the loyalty and love from Rafe gives the reader something to rant about. I’m looking forward to part three.
Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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