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Uncaged Review – Dangerous Destiny by V.A. Dold with Excerpt

Dangerous Destiny
V.A. Dold

You can find the ebook version of this book in the Boxed set Sigils & Spells.

The Guild an order of witch hunters organized in the 1600s is alive and well. And they have Carolyn in their sights. Carolyn Soucek is a witch who can see the future, all except her own. Desperate for answers she consults a seer. Her destiny awaits her in Savannah, Georgia. At least that’s what the gifted psychic tells her. Darius Drummond is a vampire sworn to protect witches from the Guild. Hundreds of years, dealing with singular witches weren’t enough to prepare him for Carolyn. Now that he’s found his soulmate, can he save her from the pyre?


Carolyn Soucek’s eyes closed and she calmed her mind. The ticking of the Grandfather clock faded into the background as her thoughts silenced. Through her third eye, the warm, welcoming glow of her crown chakra bloomed like a flower under the sunshine of spring. A gentle brush of psychic talent caressed her mind in welcome as the connection to the ethereal world opened. Respected psychics told Carolyn that her talent was rare. Few witches could tap into the future of others. To Carolyn, it was like breathing, a part of everyday life. When she did readings, blurred images of that person’s life slowly came into focus and voices whispered secrets of the client’s future.
As a favored daughter of the universal source, she was highly gifted and sought by believers and skeptics alike. Those who loved Carolyn—clambered for a reading. Those who didn’t—gave Carolyn a wide berth.
Pushing her curtain of long blonde hair over her shoulder, she huffed out a frustrated breath. Why didn’t her foresight work for her as it did for everyone else? No matter how many hours she meditated, how calm she made her mind, she never received information in regards to her future.
“Nothing?” her friend Lynn asked.
Carolyn huffed out a breath. “Notta.”
Lynn grabbed her phone and scrolled through the contacts. “That’s it. We need to know what you’ve been sensing. We can’t avoid or fight whatever the danger is if we’re unprepared. I’m making an appointment with Maggie. She’ll be able to read you. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a twofer. Maggie may also get a bead on what you’ve sensed is missing in your life.”
Carolyn rubbed her arms, trying to wipe away an odd burning sensation. “Fine. I’ll give Maggie a shot. Margaret Stewart is very gifted. I’m sure she’ll have something to tell me. A witch that comes from such a long line of Scottish seers has to be able to tap into the danger I feel lurking in the shadows. Heck, if she can’t tell me what the threat is, no one can.”

Two days later

Carolyn pushed Maggie’s shop door open. Cool air-conditioned air washed over her face, and the tiny silver bells over the door tinkled softly, heralding a customer’s arrival. Margaret’s antiquated alarm system always brought a smile to her face. She and her friends often shopped for supplies at Maggie’s. And why not? It was the best new age shop in town.
She must have gotten a shipment in. The glass shelves that filled the small shop were bursting with artfully arranged crystals, amulets, and other assorted Wiccan items. Carolyn took a closer look at a collection of Amethyst. She could use a cluster next to her bed. She took first one then another and held it to sense the energy. The third one was perfect. Crystal in hand she turned to the display counter that ran along the right wall, but Maggie wasn’t there or anywhere else in the shop for that matter. She must be in the backroom.
Carolyn closed her eyes and breathed deeply, candles and herbs scented the air. Vanilla, lemongrass, and sandalwood seemed to be the fragrance of the day. Nice choices. The shop always smelled divine.
A familiar warm, husky voice pulled Carolyn from her reverie. “Carolyn darling, it’s lovely to see you.”
“Good afternoon, Maggie. How are you today?”
Carolyn smiled as she took in Margaret Stewart’s appearance. She looked like a gypsy of old. Colorfully dressed, with a scarf wrapped around fluffy, graying hair, bracelets jingled at her wrists, and large hoop earrings swayed with each step.
“I’m well. Are you ready for your reading or did you want to shop first?”
Carolyn held up the crystal. “I already did a little shopping. Would you like me to pay for it now?”
Maggie waved her to the back room, hidden behind a brocade curtain. “Not a chance. That amethyst was meant for you. If the fates want you to have it who am I to argue. Now, tell me what I can do for you.”
“I sense danger drawing near. The feeling of dread grows stronger every day. I have nightmares every night, but I never remember them when I wake. I’ve tried to look into my future, but my gift has never worked for me.”
Maggie took a seat at a small table covered with a beautiful family heirloom of embroidered cloth. “Ah, yes. The plague with which we all deal. Our gifts are meant to benefit others and never work when we attempt to use them on ourselves. Make yourself comfortable and give me your hands, I won’t need my cards or bones for this.”
Maggie studied the lines in Carolyn’s palms for a long minute, and then closed her eyes. Her head cocked to the right as if listening to unheard voices. “Interesting. Very interesting. There’s danger on the horizon. I can see it clearly. Your worries are justified. Before the danger is defeated, you will experience overwhelming pain. I want you to keep in mind as you travel this path that you’ll come out the other side a stronger person. But what is truly remarkable is the change I see coming of a romantic nature. Destiny is barreling hell bent for leather into your life. Your existence is about to be turned on its head by a tall, brunette, very handsome man. He’s not human. If I’m not mistaken, he’s a vampire.
“The combination of a vampire and a witch as soulmates packs a powerful punch. Don’t be surprised when you experience an instant, profound connection with this man. This relationship you’re about to enter won’t follow the normal rules society dictates we follow. When a vampire finds a soulmate the two people are drawn together like metal to a magnet and just as inseparable. It’s not uncommon for the couple to fall instantly in love. Do yourself a favor and don’t question your attraction when it happens. If you do, you may regret it. Grab your bags, young lady. You’re going to Savannah tonight. You must stay at the Hotel Indigo and attend the masquerade ball held there on All Hallows’ Eve.”
“Savannah? Tonight? I can’t just up and leave.”
Maggie patted Carolyn’s hand. “Of course you can. Destiny has cleared your path. You don’t screw with destiny or the gods. You know that as well as I. Now hurry home. You need to book your flight and hotel.”

Uncaged Review

A great start to a spin-off series from the author’s popular Le Beau Brothers series. Witch hunters in the Guild are out to kill witches, and our main heroine, Carolyn is targeted – she goes to see a Seer whom she trusts. Darius, is a vampire in the League of Guardians, who protect witches from the manhunt. Darius is assigned to protect Carolyn in Savannah.

I’m not giving anything more away, this book is a fast and furious read and even though I haven’t read any of this author’s other books, it’s definitely put them on my radar. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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