Uncaged Review – Dance Me a Dark-Haired Beauty by Tessa McFionn


Dance Me a Dark-Haired Beauty
Tessa McFionn
Fantasy Romance

Two fae walk into a bar…and that’s just when the trouble begins.

Welcome to the Big Easy, where the good times roll…and where the real and surreal collide. For more than two centuries, rare human/fae hybrid Camille Delacroix has remained safe. Her unique birthright as a skin dancer gives her the ability to change nearly everything about herself, allowing her to hide in plain sight. Yet on one fateful night, not one but two unexpected visitors hailing from her mother’s magical realm threaten to unravel her peaceful existence.

On one hand is Zacarias, Grand Enforcer of the High Court of the Fae. Dark, dangerous and cruelly seductive, he appears with quite the ultimatum: discover the source of the mysterious plague killing the Deathless Ones or be revealed to the world as something other than human. And then there’s Rhys, who manages to be sex-crazed and innocent simultaneously. That is, when he’s not causing mayhem on nearly a catastrophic level wherever he goes. He’s been sent to aid her in her quest, but she’s not so sure just how much help his naïve bumbling will do.

Things are getting complicated. Folks on both sides of the mystical veil are dropping dead and Camille is running out of time. Caught between two sexy fae and self-preservation. What’s a girl to do?