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Uncaged Review – Crimson Night by Linsey Moon and SK Prince

Crimson Night
Linsey Moon & SK Prince
Occult Suspense


I stalk her from the shadows, waiting to make my move.

She’s not like the others.

It’s not just her blood, her very essence calls out to me, begs me to make her mine for all of eternity.

But she claims to hate me, to loathe my kind.

She doesn’t know that I always get what I want. And soon she will be one of us.


One of my earliest memories? Standing frozen in horror as a rogue vampire killed my mother in cold blood.

Now I make it my business to put an end to the blood-sucking scourge, so they can never hurt another human again.

I see him watching me, and I will use his infatuation to drive a stake right through his heart.

Uncaged Review: In this world, vampires are out
to the world, and sometimes this book borders on
horror and sometimes on a more romantic feel. But
there is a suspense involved that gives it some staying
power. Scarlett is the head of a team for the Paranormal
Task Force, to keep any rogue vampires in line.
She watched her mother die from a vampire attack
and now has made it her task in life to keep vampires
from doing the same to others.

Draven is an alpha vampire, who has been alive for
centuries, and once he sees Scarlett, he’s drawn to
her like no one has. Unfortunately for Scarlett and
Draven, they will have to work together to solve a
threat to both humans and vampires.

This is a nicely paced book with a lot of action, some
hot sex scenes and a bit of horror and gore mixed in.
I wasn’t completely onboard with Draven throughout
the book, he’s a bit of an overbearing vampire with a
possessive streak that takes it a bit far sometimes, but
he grew on me as the book progressed. I didn’t like
where the book left off, and I will probably move on
to the next book in time. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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