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Uncaged Review – Christmas Magic by Catherine Kean

Christmas Magic
Catherine Kean
Comedy – Fantasy Romance

Will cursed cookies poison their magical Christmas?

Molly Hendrickson is looking forward to a happy holiday with her fiancé, Lucian Lord, manager of Black Cat Antiquities. A sorcerer and reincarnated knight from the Middle Ages, Lucian protects Cat’s Paw Cove from evil magic and is teaching Molly how to use her newfound abilities—because even in the festive season, their enemies, The Dealers, could strike again.

The Dealers are indeed plotting, because together, Lucian and Molly could pose too big a threat. Hoping to split up the couple for good, The Dealers use the town’s amorous cougar and a batch of enchanted holiday cookies to lure Lucian away from Molly.

Has Molly lost Lucian forever? Or will she be able to break the spell so she and Lucian can get the happily ever after they deserve?

Uncaged Review: What a great time to go back and visit Lucian and Molly again. If you haven’t read the book where these two first showed up, Hot Magic, you needn’t read it to read this one, but you probably should, it’s way too much fun in Cat’s Paw Cove to miss.

This time The Dealers are trying to hex the couple, and Molly will need to find out how to break the spell. This is a fun suspense/romance and you may find yourself laughing often, and if not, you will smile the whole way through. This is a fun, cozy fantasy mystery that’s a lot of fun. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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