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Uncaged Review – Charming Marjani by Rebecca Rivard

Charming Marjani
Rebecca Rivard
Paranormal/Shifter Romance

He’s rich, sexy–and part-fae. But she’s a shifter assassin on a mission. She can’t let herself be charmed…

Marjani is the strong, silent second-in-command to her alpha brother. She’s seen too much death, lived through too much darkness. Now her cat threatens to take over, leaving her a cougar in a human body. But before it does, she undertakes one last mission to Iceland.

Fane Morningstar holds a prestigious position as one of the ice fae king’s envoys. But the fae never let him forget he’s not a pureblood. Then he meets Marjani and everything he thought he wanted gets turned on its head. He’d sell his soul for a night with her.

Unfortunately, he just might have to…

Uncaged Review: One of my favorite shifter books this year so far. This is a series book, and this book is the 5th book in the series, and I had no trouble getting used to this world that the author built considering I hadn’t read any of the other books in the series.

The pack believes that the pack alpha’s sister, Marjani is close to going feral and that her cat is beginning to dominate. But Adric believes his sister can make it back from the darkness, and when a message comes from that Corban from a different pack wants to challenge Adric in Iceland, Marjani goes instead, as his second. When she meets Fane, a half fae, the whole plan changes and Jani and Fane won’t be able to deny the attraction. So many feels this book delivers, from anger, to sadness and pity, to laughter and fun. And I may have needed a tissue at the end. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars


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