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Uncaged Review – Capture by Various

Paranormal Anthology

~ Can a human capture a heart of a creature of the dark? ~ 

Presented by the award-winning anthology publisher, Enchanted Anthologies. Capture, book one, brings together five dark, paranormal romance stories just in time for Valentines Day. 

Bloodlust by Casia Courtier
Owen Rush hates parasites. When he comes across a small town plagued by a vampire, he takes it upon himself to rid the world of one more monster. No problem for a seasoned hunter like himself. Until he meets her. Will Owen stick to his stakes or will Helena open his heart?

Cursed Roots by Mila Waters
An old family curse and a cabin hidden in the woods put Brea Jones on a collision course with the tall, handsome stranger who holds the key to all her family’s long kept secrets.

Darkest Depths by Yolanda Allard
Mermaid Hunter Harper Hatchet, devotes her life solely to hunting down the evil mermaids who killed her parents until she meets Gelian Wake, funny and mundane, he’s being attacked by the very mermaid Harper has been hunting since the night her parents died. With the stakes higher than ever Harper finds herself falling for the quirky Gelian only to discover he’s none other than a creature from the darkest depths of her hatred, a merman who loves Harper too. Harper has to decide if love or hatred will win out, and why the mermaids hate Gelian as much as she hates mermaids before she decides which dark desire to give in to.

Caged Hearts by Erin Lee
She told herself, when they tossed her in the cage and demanded answers, that she was different. She promised herself that she’d stick to the code and never give them what they wanted, no matter what the cost. She refused to betray her kind and was willing to give up her very life for it. The one thing she didn’t plan for, though, was The Gentle One.

The Game by Rena Marin
At night, a game has been taking place. A true game of cat and mouse, between the hunter and the prey. When they come face to face, will they destroy one another, or will they finally finish the game?

These stories are intended for readers aged 18+

Uncaged Review: These stories all fall under the romance between a human and a paranormal being, in this book you’ll see a warlock, werewolves, a vampire and even mermaids. I enjoyed all the stories, although a couple felt incomplete, like they were an excerpt from a full novel – and it took a while to sink in.

Two stories stood out for me. Darkest Depths by Yolanda Allard was the most original story, with a hunter who kills mermaids and mermen after they slaughtered her parents. Don’t go thinking these are the sweet Disney princesses – these mermaids are monsters. I like the pace and the originality of the story and it had a couple nice surprises.

The second story that I liked, especially the ending, was The Game by Rena Marin. A werewolf tale that really held no surprises until the end, the author ended it in a surprising way.

All in all the stories were entertaining, and even though I would have liked to see a bit more meat to them, I enjoyed the stories. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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