Uncaged Review – Bride Swap by Beth Carter


Bride Swap
Beth Carter
Contemporary Romance

Paige, a popular hard-charging television anchor, is handed a dismal new assignment to improve the station’s ratings. Her new job involves, of all things, sports. Gag. She hates sports, plus being on the road may put her career and her secret engagement to a rival news anchor in peril. Never mind that her fiancé constantly flirts with his so-called fans or the fact that her new male coworker may be after her job. What about the wedding? Hello? How can Paige possibly plan nuptials while constantly traveling to, ugh, games?

Emma, an overwhelmed single mother, is asked by her best friend to plan her wedding. Problem is, Emma has a thriving Etsy business making promotional items for authors, plus her energetic five-year-old daughter is beginning kindergarten. And little Lucy happens to have the hottest teacher on the planet. With a teenage-like crush, Emma can’t stop volunteering for every school activity imaginable. Always loyal, Emma agrees to help her BFF. Except her crazy schedule causes memory issues. Big ones.

Will Emma realize her mammoth blunder and race against time to create an unforgettable wedding for Paige, or is it too late? What if the wrong bride is getting married? Should they swap or forget the whole thing? Guilt is a powerful drug.

Uncaged Review: This book started out a bit slow for me as contemporary romance is a really not a go-to genre for me, but once I hit the halfway point, I couldn’t put it down. I “had” to read what happened next. After I read the Coconuts series by this author, I was intrigued of where she was going next, and this book doesn’t disappoint. Two unlikely best friends, totally different paths and the book narrates between the two of them, chapter by chapter. I was completely absorbed in their lives, and I was already choosing their partners. Paige is a regionally famous television news anchor who gets saddled with a sports job from her boss, a part of the news she has zero knowledge of. On top of that, she gets a partner – who seems too good to be true. She also is engaged to a rival station’s anchor, a cad of a man named Trent. Emma is a single mom with a charming daughter in kindergarten who is quickly falling for her daughter’s teacher.

This book is funny, it will make you laugh and cry, and have you cheering on the characters. There is a bit of a surprise toward the end, and if you’ve read the Coconut series, you will know what I mean. All I can say is there had better be a book two. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars