Uncaged Review – Bound by Honor by Regan Walker


Bound by Honor
Regan Walker
Scottish Historical

The friendship that changed the destiny of a nation…

In the waning years of the thirteenth century, two young noblemen form a bond that forever changes their destiny and that of Scotland’s. Their shared pledge of honor would endure for a lifetime to secure power in the Isles for Angus Og Macdonald and a crown for Robert Bruce. This is the story of their friendship, their times and the battle that secured their future.

Standing beside them would be two women from Ireland, Áine O’Cahan, the dark-haired beauty from Ulster, who captured the heart of the Lord of the Isles, and Elizabeth de Burgh, the fair Norman heiress who stood by her man, King Robert Bruce, though it would cost her dearly.

Enter the world of medieval Scotland and live the adventure!

Uncaged Review: This is a sweeping tale that encompasses the friendship and loyalty of 2 men, and the history around medieval Scotland when Robert the Bruce was reigning, and with battles for the freedom from England. Angus and Robert form an unbreakable bond after meeting when there is a meeting called for many families to discuss the future of Scotland. There is love interests in this book, and even though they are crucial to the story, this isn’t a historical romance in that respect. What this is, is a epic journey with real historical facts, there is so much research that had to go into this saga, that it boggles the mind. This is a bit longer of a book, but it really does bring you to medieval Scotland with descriptions that never slow the book down. This story is based on a lot of facts from the author’s own ancestry and she does them proud. Start from the first book and you may be surprised at the time you spend reading. Reviewed by Cyrene

5 Stars