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Uncaged Review – Betrayed by Blood by L.A. McGinnis

Betrayed by Blood
L.A. McGinnis

A spunky private investigator faces off against a corrupt government when she’s framed for murder and forced to run to New York City, where her own secrets might just get her killed.

Yesterday I made a terrible mistake. I trusted the wrong people for the right reasons. Now my mentor’s dead and I’m a wanted felon, running to the one place I can’t go—New York City.

I have secrets there I’ve never told anyone.

The only way out of this mess is to infiltrate the most infamous prison in the world and rescue a wealthy Elemental. Easy-peasy, right?

There’s just one problem. I’ve partnered up with Gabriel Vanguard, and the longer we work together, the harder it is to keep my past hidden. 

New York is heating up. I just hope we don’t burn it down. 

Uncaged Review: This is an author that I’ve enjoyed in the past, and this book is the first in a different series. A cosmic event called the Surge, ended up turning a third of the population with magical abilities, or Elementals and in order to keep tabs on them, they have to register with the government and if they don’t and get caught, they can be sentenced to Devilton, a magical lock up prison. Andy has been keeping her secrets for a long time, and hiding as a private investigator. Soon things will turn upside down and Andy will go on the run, and it gets more complicated as it goes.

I like the premise of this, and the world that is building, but I hated how this hit a major cliffhanger at the end. A lot of things will begin to make sense in the last third of the book, and it has my interest enough to go on. There are some very questionable things going on, some things were answered, and some garnered more questions. But I’ll move on to book two to see how this ends up. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars


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