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Uncaged Review: Bad Boy Brother by Chance Carter

Bad Boy Brother
Chance Carter

She needs my protection.
And I’m going to make her cute little tush work for it.

I always protect a bro.
I just didn’t count on having to protect his sister too.
Joey and I have been close since childhood.
I have his back and he has mine. Always.
But now he’s in trouble. He’s been arrested for murder and everyone thinks he’s guilty. His sister needs my help.

Uncaged Review: Jenny after getting a promotion at work has to go back to her small town home after she gets a phone call saying her brother who is a local cop has murdered his wife and is in jail. Forced to look after her niece she has her doubts about her brother being guilty. After a few home truths come to light and somebody sets fire to her brother’s house with her in it. This is a thriller meets romance that will keep you on your toes and a completely new look for the author’s writing style as he has only ever wrote straight up romance. If you like thrillers with some romance this book is for you. A great read. Reviewed by Jennifer

5 Stars


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