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Uncaged Review – Angel’s Roar by Shayne Silvers

Angel’s Roar
Shayne Silvers
Urban Fantasy

Callie Penrose – a wizard with a splash of Angel’s blood flowing through her veins—kind of broke the Vatican and their band of Holy-warrior, wizard-priests, the Shepherds. Officially, the report stated Callie forgot to turn the other cheek, and things escalated

She returns home to Kansas City to find new gangs of supernaturals roving the streets, preying on the innocent while the local factions do nothing. Although not unified, everyone seems to agree on one point…

Callie Penrose must die.

And she’s still hearing those strange Whispers in her mind—much more frequently than before, and not nearly as…forgiving.

But when an epic betrayal blindsides her and she discovers the truth of her birth—why Heaven and Hell have been so interested in her—Callie’s world begins to crumble, and she must decide whether she wants to be a good girl…

Or if it’s time to be a little naughty.

No matter how hard you try, you can’t make an Angel cry…

They just roar.

Uncaged Review:

The more books I read in this series, I feel that Shayne Silvers is getting a good handle on the character of Callie, and in this book, we find out more about Callie’s past and parentage, and see her coming into her power. Nate does show up in a minor supporting role, but it’s always fun to see these two series intertwine. I’ve stuck to reading these in order, but I am skipping the Phantom Queen Diaries, within the Templeverse, I gave them a try, but they just didn’t click with me.

The Feather and Fire series with Callie has a much stronger religious undertones than the Nate Temple books. In this book, finding and stopping the new gangs of bad supernaturals on the streets, mixed with the Templars, Fallen Angels and Angels – mix in a polar bear, witch and a sphinx, and in Silver’s worlds, it’s a hot mess. But you’ll definitely want to pay attention to this one, lots of truths revealed under an intricately written plot with action and humor. Get ready to stay up late.

5 Stars


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