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Uncaged Review: A Widow’s Guide to Scandal by Hallie Alexander

A Widow’s Guide to Scandal
Hallie Alexander
Historical Romance/Colonial

Henrietta Smith was fifteen when she stole a kiss from Marcus Hardwicke. Over a decade later, she’s still waiting to be kissed back …

Henrietta learned the hard way that when you get what you pay for you might end up with a British soldier quartering in your home threatening your friends, an enormous dog tracking mud through your house and stealing the chickens, and Marcus Hardwicke disrupting your uncomplicated life by trying to improve it. And to think she just wanted her roof fixed.

Marcus, wickedly handsome carpenter and rebel rogue, fell off Henrietta’s leaking roof. He can’t leave until his broken ankle heals, giving him plenty of time to consider his past mistakes, including Henrietta’s indelible kiss from a lifetime ago. But Henrietta could lose more than her home if she doesn’t encrypt British secrets, and the latest puts Marcus in the crosshairs.

Uncaged Review: This is a very enjoyable story
for a debut author, and I’m looking forward to
more of her work. Henrietta is a widow, who lost
not only her husband (not a great loss) but she
also lost her daughter to sickness. Able to stay in
the home she shared with her husband, only on
the good graces of her horrible Uncle-in-law who
is always threatening to toss her out without a
penny. Marcus, a man she knew from her childhood
(and her first crush), comes back into her
life – in a fun way. When he falls off her roof and
breaks an ankle, Hen will put him up in the attic.
All kinds of fun ensues.

This is a fun read, with some laughter, steam and
romance. This author is definitely one to watch
and the secondary characters were almost as
interesting as the main characters.

4 Stars


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