Uncaged Review – A Spell for a Duke by Amy Quinton


A Spell for a Duke
Amy Quinton
Historical Fantasy

Josie Bell is all about her job…
Miss Josephine Bell, witch, is tasked with apprehending a rogue demon before he obliterates London. But the Lycan assigned to assist her isn’t, strictly speaking, available…since she just arrested him.

Worse? Said incarcerated Lycan believes she’s his mate and isn’t exactly delighted by that unfortunate turn of events.
Her foolproof plan? Break Lycan out of gaol. Capture demon. Return Lycan to gaol.
Also: Don’t get caught. Fend off wolfie Mating Instinct. Ignore the man’s indecent smile.

But that kiss…

The MacKeane is all about his clan…
Lachlan Connor Daire MacKeane, The MacKeane, 7th Duke of Skye, and involuntary guest of Marshalsea Gaol has been arrested for murder. If he hadn’t been hoodwinked by a saucy witch, he’d be prowling the streets, hunting the real assassin.

Worse? Said impertinent witch is his mate, a more unsuitable lover he cannot conceive. She isn’t Lycan. A female wolf would never be so… devious.

4 Stars