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Uncaged Review – A Must for Christmas by Deborah Garland

A Must for Christmas
Deborah Garland
Contemporary Romance/Holiday

It was supposed to be perfect…

Faith Mallory finally has it all. She married her childhood sweetheart, the only man she ever loved and in a month she and Greg will be blessed with two sons to carry on the Mallory family name. Life was supposed to be perfect. Except, it isn’t. Faith is keeping secrets, some that will threaten their happy-ever-after.

Greg envisioned a married lifestyle for his family that includes Faith giving up her career and all she’s worked hard to achieve. Her long, stressful hours makes Greg fear she’s put her health as well as his sons’ wellbeing at risk. With tensions running high, the strain on Faith cause early labor and complications. 

Fear holds Greg in its grip as he waits for word from the doctors. Now everything is at risk. A potential medical disaster and revealed secrets will jeopardize his and Faith’s relationship. 

They will need a Christmas miracle for their little family to survive the holiday season.

Uncaged Review: A couple days before Christmas Eve, Faith goes into early labor. With complications of having twins, they rush her into the hospital and surgery. With added complications, Greg is surrounded by family as Faith battles for her life, as does one of the twin boys.

This is a gem of a book – and even though it’s novella length, it packs the right amount of emotion, background and good feeling for this moment in their lives. Even though this novella is part of the Darling Cove series, I had no issues being able to read this as a standalone. The author does an outstanding job in keeping a new reader up to date.

Nice read to snuggle up with on cold day this holiday season. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 1/2 Stars


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