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Uncaged Feature Author – Nesa Miller

Uncaged: Can you tell readers more about your Blood of Kaos series? How many books are you planning for the series?

Blood of Kaos revolves around Etain Rhys, who at age fourteen, witnessed the brutal murder of her family. Torn from a world of childish innocence, she runs for her life only to find herself plunged into the realm of the Alamir, human warriors infused with powerful magic. Thinking of them as a fabrication of her father’s imagination, she realizes she must learn to live among them and face her own Alamir legacy. The story follows her struggles and victories as she creates a new life for herself, growing from girl to young woman to experienced warrior.

I originally planned for 7 books, but Book 4 has proven to be more of a challenge so, at this point, it could be 8 or 9. It all depends on my characters.

Uncaged: What are you working on now that you can tell us about?

I am working on Book 4 in the series, which will be out sometime next year. I’m also working with an artist on an audio version of Alamir, the first book in the series, due in April 2020.

Uncaged: You moved from the U.S. to England – has that transition influenced your writing? Do you get back to the U.S. at all?

Living in England has certainly changed my perspective. I’ve learned a lot about English life, which I hope has given the story a bit more credibility since the first part is set in Wales. I’ve actually visited the castle ruin of Laugharne in the south of Wales. In the beginning, it was just a black & white picture on the internet. It was mind blown seeing the actual castle in real life!

We don’t get back to the US as often as we’d like. Although my husband is English, he loves it over there, too! We’re hoping to visit my family later this year.

Read the rest of the interview in Uncaged Book Reviews – Issue linked below.

I’m just a little ole Texan living in the motherland – England – with my English husband. I moved here several years ago, leaving all my family & friends back in Texas – parents, brother, 2 daughters, 1 son, 2 talented grandsons & 2 charismatic granddaughters. I never realized just how different it would be. I’ve learned a lot and seen so many fantastical places. Places I would’ve never seen had I stayed in Texas.
Alamir is the first book in the Blood of Kaos series. It’s a story that developed from an online gaming community I belonged to many years ago – Superdudes. Sounds kind of corny, I know, but it was the most tight knit online community you could ask for. We played games, we argued, we fought, we loved, and we made lifelong friends. We were, and still are, family.

Flesh and Bone
Nesa Miller
Fantasy Romance

Two swords stand in a pool of blood.
A ring is found amidst a pile of ashes.
Dar is missing after a battle against the Bok.
Etain hasn’t been seen since leaving the Elven city of Nunnehi.
They are the defenders’ strongest warriors.
Without them, how can the Alamir defeat their greatest enemy?


I couldn’t save her. Nothing I did. Nothing I said. None of the gifts I gave her – ring, sword, cloak, my name, even my blood – proved strong enough to overcome her most dangerous enemy. Me.

Midir was right when he said I didn’t deserve her. Her light illuminated the world and warmed the coldest of hearts. Her determination inspired us all. She made me a better man, showed me how to feel again. She saved my life.
Now she is gone. Murdered by my own hand.

I repeatedly ask myself why? Why was she there? How was it possible for her to be right behind me, right…behind…me, and not feel her presence? Was I too caught up in the bloodlust? Did my need to kill the flame-headed demon cloud my senses?

Everything has turned to dust.

My sweet Etain, a chuisle, please forgive me.

All that’s left to do is prepare. Let the demon’s abuses to my flesh purify my soul, cleanse me of the evil that darkens my heart. I didn’t deserve her love, but she loved me all the same. Once I am purged, I know her beautiful soul will find mine and take me home.


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