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Uncaged Feature Author – Jewelz Baxter

Uncaged welcomes Jewelz Baxter

Uncaged Can you tell us more about your series, Voodoo Troops MC? What inspired this series for you?

The Voodoo Troops MC is an outlaw motorcycle club who, from their origin, have been well known for their female entertainment for hire. One by one the club members meet strong women who change their view on life and club business. When the entire series is finished you will see the transformation from outlaws to family-oriented men.

The storyline and character descriptions for Brick Solid came from a single picture I came across of a couple next to a Harley on the cover of a motorcycle magazine. It caught my interest and immediately questions came to mind. This model is more polished than most biker models. How did she end up with such a rough 1%er? What made this tough guy step into the picture? After the photo, did they still look at each other like that? I took that one scene and ran with it.

It began as a single book, but by the end of the original manuscript two distinctive stories were being told. I decided to split it into Brick Solid and King Loyal. Characters continued to talk to me. I continued to write. The series was born.

Uncaged: How many books are you planning on for this series, or is it open-ended?

Brick Solid has nine club members. I plan on each of them getting their own happy ever after. But at the moment, I only have seven of the stories outlined or written.

Uncaged: What are you working on now that you can tell us about?

I am editing book four of the series. The club’s vice president discovers love has been right in front of him. She’s part of the club family, therefore off limits. Neither of them can deny their feelings which brings chaos to the club.

I’m also working on my first stand-alone contemporary. It’s been in the back of my mind for a while. Recently it has become so often in my thoughts that I have chosen a cover and written the blurb. Hopefully you will see it early 2020.

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Jewelz Baxter lives with her husband in Louisiana near their children and grandchildren. She values her family and loves supporting their grandchildren’s sports and hobbies.

Over the years Jewelz filled notebook after notebook with stories in her spare time. With her husband’s encouragement, she shared those stories and received positive responses from others; prompting her to follow her dream and take the plunge of publishing.

When not writing or spending time with family she can be found on a Harley exploring the backroads with her husband. Jewelz has her own bike but confirms there is nothing like being on the back seat wrapped around her man.

Brick Solid
Jewelz Baxter
Contempoary MC Romance

Jethro “Brick” Jackson has made a name for himself as the Voodoo Troops Sergeant at Arms. He is solid and unforgiving. A force. He learned at a young age to trust no one. Especially women. He has no use for them and has no problem using them for a profit. That is until the face that haunts his dreams is brought to the clubhouse to be auctioned.

Nealy Ann Kinman left the city to flee a demanding and unfulfilling life. Strong willed and confident, she likes being in charge of her own life. Only now she has lost control and finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Will Brick break the rules to save her?
If he saves her will he be able to let her go?


Chapter Four

Nealy emerged from the building. She paused and took a deep breath. Closing her eyes, she lifted her face toward the warmth of the sun and allowed the breeze to blow her insecurities away. Her hair and makeup reflected her personality now. She felt more like herself and at ease. The dress she wore was short and clung to her like a second skin emphasizing her larger than average curved hips, tiny waist, and ample top. A beautiful emerald green. Her shapely legs looked longer with the length. And four-inch heels didn’t hurt. Black pumps and bracelets topped off the look.
Brick stood just outside the door scanning the grounds. He turned at the sound of the door. He stared. For the first time he could ever remember, he was stunned: at her beauty, at his reaction, at his thoughts, at his feelings.
She went to him, held her arms out and spun. “Well?”

He nodded only once. His hand found her back and gently guided her around the building to a Harley parked near the building where few gathered.

A Fat Boy sat between a tree and the building. Metal motorcycle and oil advertisement signs covered the wall.

Nealy looked it over and around the space where they stood. To her, this looked very photogenic. She liked his choice.

“Anything I should know? Like what I can or cannot touch or do on the motorcycle?” “All yours. Can’t hurt it.” She nodded.

He stood arms folded. His eyes focused on her.
“Are you okay now? Last I saw you…” Her words trailed off as she looked to his side.

“All good.”

She smiled and opened her mouth to speak but was interrupted.
“There you are.” Sly and his associate skirted the corner of the building.
Brick backed away.

“What do you want?” asked Nealy.

“Just work your magic baby. Love the backdrop. And private,” he winked.

She shuddered. Inhaling deeply, she turned to Brick and relaxed blowing out that breath.

“Let’s do this.”

Her photo shoot began well. Nealy was comfortable and quickly fell into her groove. Brick stood back and watched. Soon a small crowd gathered. Cat calls could be heard occasionally from the spectators but she seemed to ignore them.

So did Brick. As long as nothing insulted Nealy he was good. He was so focused on her he had not noticed his brothers next to him.

“Beautiful. What have you got for me next, baby?” The photographer prompted as he lowered his camera.

She moved to the tree, picked up denim shorts she had placed behind it, and pulled them on under her dress keeping modest.


“Show us what ya got!”

“Take it all off.”

Whistles and more calls sounded from around her.

Removing the dress, then her shoes, she dropped them by the tree and stepped back to the bike. She glanced toward Brick when she heard whistles and approval from the crowd.

He nodded.

Nealy didn’t understand the need for his approval. She only knew it calmed her the same time it excited her with a warmth that was unfamiliar. It also encouraged her to continue. With a snug fitting top that was hidden under her dress, short denim cut-offs, and bare feet, she impressed the camera again.

“Know you’re cursed now. There’s a babe on your bike,” King slapped Brick’s shoulder.

“He may never ride it again.”

Read the rest of this excerpt in the issue of Uncaged Book Reviews below:


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