Star Crossed
Anne & Wayne
Fantasy Romance

Skye Giovanni was seven years old the first time death came to her.

She has been haunted by visions of death since she was a child. It is her legacy and her curse. What good is power when you have no control over it?

Detective Lucas MacConnell is being hunted.

Crime scenes with ritualistic murders are starting to pop up everywhere, and the only thing Lucas knows for sure is that the mysterious Skye is at the center of it all.

An ancient power rises determined to end them both.

Thrown together by fate, and a destiny slowly spiraling out of their control, they will have to learn to trust each other or the next deaths might be their own.

Uncaged Review: This is a great first book, and very different from most magical fantasies that are on the market today. We are met with Druids and Gypsies, and the Fae in this book. The characters are well flushed out, and likable, and the world building is good without bogging down the book. The chemistry between the characters is spot on, and the author drags this out as a slow burn. Even though the book takes place over only a few days, a lot happens in the amount of time.

My only grump about the whole book, is even though it didn’t leave off on a cliffhanger that has you gritting your teeth, it’s still a cliffhanger and I knew as the book drug on that they weren’t going to solve this arc in the amount of space that was left in the book. It didn’t even solve any of the small arcs within the main one. But this is a trilogy, and I am all in. Reviewed by Cyrene

4.5 Stars