KM Lowe
Shifter Romance

Soulmates will overcome anything.

When Lisa was left on the hospital steps seventeen years ago, it left a lot of unanswered questions in her mind. Where did she come from? Why was she abandoned? What did her future hold?

Well, one thing she knew was that her adoptive parents were the one constant thing in her life. She was loved, cared for, protected… until her biological family secrets were revealed, leaving her to fight the biggest fight of her life.

She turns to her best friend and soulmate, Marcus, who happens to make her world rock with emotions she didn’t know existed.

Will Lisa’s life ever be the same again?

Will Lisa’s love for Marcus survive?

Uncaged Review: This is a nice story with a lot of potential. For Lisa, she’s lived a human life since she was adopted by her parents, never knowing that she was shifter with the potential of amazing powers. Pulled away from a ruthless alpha father and left to die after her mother dies after childbirth. Fortunately, Jasper – who was the true soulmate of Lisa’s mother, promises her mother on her deathbed that he will protect her. He has her placed in a loving home and moves in not too far away to keep an eye out. Since Jasper is an enforcer for the shifter counsel, when a raid of band of rogues, he finds a baby boy – who is left to fend for himself in this rogue pack. He takes the boy and raises him as his own and names him Markus. Markus and Lisa are drawn to each other and become the best of friends all their life.

Now I won’t go into more, and although I really liked the story, it felt a little disjointed. It didn’t have the fluidity from scene to scene and the action scenes were a bit lackluster. There wasn’t a lot of tension in the romance between Lisa and Markus and it would have been nice to see Lisa and the others as wolves more than they were in the book. The book seemed more dialog oriented than most, and from chapter to chapter you are getting a different perspective, which threw me a couple times. All in all – it’s a nice start and an entertaining read. Reviewed by Cyrene

4 Stars